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Seckford Foundation Director Arrested…for Charity!

On the morning of Friday 11 March 2016, three policemen interrupted a meeting at Woodbridge School in order to “arrest” Graham Watson, Director of the Seckford Foundation.

The charge? He had been seen wearing odd socks out in public! This may seem like an innocent enough crime, but in reality is extremely serious. In Mr Watson’s position as Director of The Seckford Foundation and Bursar of Woodbridge School, he is seen as a lead example to many of the children of Woodbridge and since this fall in standards of dress there have been concerns that children could follow by example. When questioned about his appearance, Watson said “Sadly I did not receive new socks for Christmas this year and have run out of matching pairs, I hoped no-one would notice!”

Suffolk Police, concerned about rising anarchy amongst the people of Woodbridge, ordered the arrest to make an example of his behaviour and prevent a potential uprising against smart dress! He was sent to jail at the Shire Hall and had his bail set at £500, which Watson will be donating to local charity Home-Start East Suffolk in the hope of restoring his reputation.

Luckily, thanks to the generosity of the people of Woodbridge, the bail was met and Mr Watson was released later on 11 March.

The “arrest” was part of the successful “Jail and Bail” event, now in its second year, which also saw six others rounded up for various crimes, all in aid of Home Start, a very worthy charity who provide support to families with children under 12 in Suffolk.  Please visit their website which provides the details of the great work they do.